Monday, September 15, 2008

Baby Lisonbee

I guess since I started this blog so that everyone can know the latest, I should do the same. So here it is--Anyone else have news to share . . . Fisher Family?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bear in the dumpster

And now to confirm the rumor about the bear in the dumpster... "Boo Boo" was discovered by Reed and Kathy after they had taken Pam to the the Embassy to catch the shuttle. The black bear was enjoying breakfast in the dumspter behind the Forest Suites, which was about 15 yards from where the Fishers parked their car. Reed took plenty of pictures and three different videos of the bear. For some reason the blog is refusing to upload the pictures from their camera. If anyone would like to see one of the pictures of the sighting you can contact us via email and I am real sure Uncle Reed would LOVE to send you a picture or two, or three, or....

Uncle Reed gets into the act!

Uncle Reed secretly wants to be a member of the opera that sang for our supper! Any excuse to get dressed up in a costume and to be the center of attention! Hey, maybe he can join the rest of us when we perform our up and coming musical in the neighborhood mall!! (Was that discussed at our buisiness meeting?)

Tippets Breakfast in Tahoe

The traditional Tippets breakfast in the park! No pink pancakes this time, but no one was disappointed because we were served Aunt Roxy's famous sourdough pancakes complete with berry syrup, whipped cream and fresh fruit; fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy hashbrowns and cheese filled sausage! Yum! The food was hot, the juice was cold and the weather could not have been better! Perfect setting for a great reunion!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lin, the Hero

For those of you not at the reunion, let me share an amazing story. The weekend of the reunion just happened to be Opening Day at Lake Tahoe and some crazy person thought it would be a great idea to shut down the main road for entertainment and redirect traffic one way on a back road. This was the stupidest idea ever and caused huge gridlock and many angry people. We (Matt, Annie, Spencer and Uncle Tom were in one car and Mark, Me, Aurora and Aunt Lin were behind in another car) were stuck in a parking lot trying to get to the main road for about 45 minutes. After about 20 minutes of waiting, Aunt Lin decided to get out to talk to the security guard to see what was going on. The line started to move a little, but after 25 minutes she still hadn't come back. Mark and I thought she was talking to the other car, but when we got to the front of the line, we saw a sight I never imagined.

You can only sort of tell from this picture, but my mom was in the middle of the street directing traffic! You know my mom. and this is something I never dreamed she would do. She nicely asked the cars going straight if they would let just one car through. And it worked! She helped a woman who was late for work and a bride get to her wedding! And we got to the boat dock just in time for me to waddle/run down the pier before taking off. Although if I had known the Westwood/Allens were so close, I would have waddled a little slower. Sorry guys! But hooray Mom! You saved the day!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

From Lake Tahoe

To all the Fisher Family who are viewing this blog....

I just want to tell you to tell you that you are missed. We all wish you were here. But now that I am taking a private class on how to post a blog I will be able to show you some of the fun we had !

Love to you all!!!
Reed, Mark, Rod and Rex just before breakfast.

just learning

Hi All,
Just learning how to blog. I love you all.
Aunt Joni

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dinner Cruise

So apparently on the fabulous dinner cruise Saturday night, we are being provided with musical entertainment by the crew. Who bets that our family will join the entertainment in some form or another?

Friday, May 9, 2008


KELLY- when are you leaving for the Reunion? If I did need to hitch a ride from Sacramento, when would I need to be there?


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Congratulations, April!

For those that were able to make it to April's sealing & reception last Saturday, wasn't it lovely?!!!
For those that couldn't make it, or for those that just want to see some pictures, here they are!
(Please keep in mind that I am obviously not a photographer so most pictures contain people looking away from me.)

I love to see the Temple!
Wedding Paparazzi.
Greeting their guests as Mr. & Mrs. Alexander.
Hooray for James receiving his endowments, too!

Here's the T.N.Tippets family. (Although we look like we're dressed for a funeral. It was to make the flowers stand out better, right?)
Leah & her buddy looking stunning.
The Beautiful Castle Ranch. (Aren't we glad we have excuses to keep coming back?)

Ahh...young love.
Aunt Kathy pretending to be a statue. (Or maybe she had a loose thread.)
April's new adoring fan.
The newlyweds on their honeymoon trip to Holland. No, wait...that's just the windmill at the Ranch!
Did you get a load of that gorgeous dress???
Playing Peek-A-Boo through the window.
Austin's gorgeous baby blues.
Austin getting a little assistance from Aunt Leah.
Just look at that sweet Audrey! What a princess!
Carrie & I were glad there was a stroller handy.
The decorations were breathtaking! Way to go Aunt Darice & Aunt Joni! (and their team)

What a nice new family you have!
With just a touch of silly!
Beautiful Bride & Bridesmaids.
The lovely cake.
I couldn't resist, because I'm a cupcake fan. These were citrus cupcakes. The Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting were gone before I could take the picture, but oooooh, they were good!
Their tasteful, yet fun cake feeding.What family function would be complete without a special musical number. But wait, where are the percussion instruments?

Take it away, Amy the songbird! It was just beautiful!
The first dance.
Unfortunately, by this time Spencer decided it was time to call it quits, so this ends the picture session. I only wish I got some of Uncle Reed burnin' up the dance floor! Congratulations April & Nate!